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Broadband expansion is slow. Especially in the countryside, there are still many households without DSL. However, fast internet and living in the countryside need not be at odds. At Novostream, we can help you get high-speed Internet home in just one week. Give us a call!

Without fast Internet (DSL), almost nothing works anymore

Novostream has addressed this issue and found a solution for participation in digital life. Internet via satellite is the modern and pioneering technology for fast Internet available in all rural regions and almost everywhere, whether in the villages in the mountains or on the flat land.

Novostream offers broadband solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, especially in rural regions without DSL or LTE coverage. With tailor-made tariffs for both end customers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we also enable a fast internet connection where there will be no fast internet available so far – and also in the near future.

Novostream for traders

In the commercial sector, survival without a good internet connection is hardly conceivable. More and more medium-sized companies are even considering moving to digitised areas, as for many the connection to Industry 4.0 (interlocking of people, machines, plants, logistics and products) is vitally necessary.

It is not the case that companies do not have a DSL connection, but often the available bandwidths are not sufficient. Or availability is only guaranteed to 93. Here, DSL via satellite is the ideal complement, whether as additional bandwidth via hybrid router or as redundancy for the 100 availability.

Ask us. We will work out the right solution for you!

Novostream relies on Astra Technik

As a partner of SES-Astra in Luxembourg, known to many for high-quality satellite TV reception, Novostream sells high-quality Astra Connect™ products for the Internet via satellite.

Our consulting team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about tariffs and cooperations.

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