Services included in the package of the assembly package

  • Appointment by telephone and clarification of the building requirements with the customer within 5 days after ordering a Novo fare.
  • Arrival and departure
  • Installation of an existing wall bracket (wall mounting at a maximum height of 3 m).
  • Installation of the Gilat satellite antenna
  • Manufacture of the wiring incl. Laying max. 20m coax cable, incl. a wall hole.
  • Aligning the satellite antenna according to Novostream
  • Commissioning of the Gilat modem and connection via LAN cable to a PC or laptop.
  • Set up, test Internet access, and hand over devices that are ready to use.
  • Short instruction in the operation.
  • Setup VoIP telephony at an extra cost.
  • Creation of the installation report, signature from the customer.
  • Collection of the additional services provided with the end customer.
  • As a time unit for on-site use, an average of approx. 90 min. Estimated.

The cables are laid and attached visibly (not in hollow walls and cable shafts, etc.). The devices are connected within the radius of the supplied connecting cables.

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