Fritz! Fon M2


  • Cordless telephone (DECT) for Internet and landline telephony
  • Optimal addition for all FRITZ! Box models with DECT base
  • Supports HD telephony for a natural sound
  • Full duplex hands-free, listening in HD quality
  • Remotely secure from the factory thanks to encrypted voice transmission

The optimal accessories for your FRITZ! Box

The ergonomic cordless phone FRITZ! Fon M2 is your ideal introduction to comfortable telephony and has been specially designed for FRITZ! Box with DECT base. It impresses with its sophisticated design, excellent voice quality and additional functions for multimedia and internet services.

Comfort telephony and more

The FRITZ! Fon M2 is your ideal introduction to the world of comfortable cordless telephony. And not only that: FRITZ! Fon also offers a wide range of multimedia functions and Internet services. Communication, information and entertainment – combined in a beautiful and easy-to-use device.

Optimum sound quality

Whether with the FRITZ! Fon on the ear or at the hands-free and listening: With the FRITZ! Fon M2 enjoy excellent voice quality with natural sound at all times thanks to HD telephony. So even long phone calls are a pure pleasure.

Best contact to the base

The FRITZ! Fon M2 has been specially designed for use with a FRITZ! Box with DECT base. In this combination, your FRITZ! Fon the full range of features and you can access free updates.

Easy to use

With the FRITZ! Fon M2 is really fun to make calls: thanks to an ergonomic keyboard and intelligent menu control, you can access all the information you need in your FRITZ in seconds! Fon.

Get started right away

Unpack, sign up – and off you go. In just a few steps, your FRITZ! Fon ready for telephony and multimedia fun. Maximum security, of course, included – thanks to factory encryption.

Multimedia experience

Send and receive emails, subscribe to podcasts and RSS feeds, listen to Internet radio or saved music: with your FRITZ! Fon M2 has your own personal multimediaity in your hands.


Novostream fares are always extended by one month per month. As a result, our tariffs can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Hardware rental

The hardware (Internet via Sat system can be rented for 11.90 EUR per month. The term for the rental agreement is 24 months. The collective agreement remains open to the public on a monthly basis.

Money Back Guarantee

You can test our rates for 30 days* and if you don’t like it you get your money back!

*does not apply to shipping costs

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